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Marxist Leninist Armed Propaganda Union – Comrade Ramazan Güleken

People’s Liberation Party-Front of Turkey  Comrade Ramazan Güleken

Another fearless warrior who has fought courageously day and night and who has given all in the war against forces of the darkness.

As it known, on the 20th of January the NATO allied Turkish army true to their historical and fascist character and obsessive dream of invading Afrin they’ve tried to raid and slaughter Afrin with the murderer packs of FSA gangs. But there were some things that they gravely underestimated; our steeled revolutionary will. While the fascist Turkish government and its dictator Erdogan was screaming about taking Afrin in three days, their gangs of raiders and invading soldiers were terrified by this revolutionary will and resistance. This murderous oligarchy who is trying to silence the people will be defeated and will be brought to thier knees by the iron will of this revolution!

In this legandary resistance at 27th of January in Raco town of Afrin at Kevıre Ker Hill ( deaf rocks ) fighting by screaming the leader Mahir Çayan’s words “We came here to die not to retreat” the Party-Front’s fearless warrior, our comrade Ramazan Güleken ( Ulaş Bardakçı ) has joined the People’s Liberation Party-Front of Turkey immortals ranks. Comrade Ramazan who joined Party-Front lines in 2014, Ulaş Bardakçı, the comrade whos name Comrade Ramazan was carrying also carried with that name his dreams and legacy. Comrade Ramazan who was always on the front with his warrior spirit and analytic mind deeply committed to all work and armed militia actions in the cities that he involved, is the first martyred ın Party-Front’s 48th year. This year of struggle is the year to honor Ramazan Comrade’s courage.

Comrade Ramazan, while fighting against the invading enemy, carried his injured comrade to safety. Upon securing the saftey of his injured comrade he then immediately returned to take his position back alongside his comrades engaged in combat and keep fighting. He became martyred by an artillery shell which was shot by invading forces while he was trying to take his comrade’s body who had died in the same battle.

Comrade Ramazan took up arms against imperialism and fascism. He very vell knew that the people’s authority was the force which guided the bullets through the barrel. He was warrior of the people. He didn’t care about his body against the oppression and cruelty. He has struggled for the internationalist struggle in the lands of Rojava against jihadist gangs. After their failure to invade Afrin with their barbaric IS proxies, the Turkısh Oligarchy, is now trying again with their own invading-raider soldiers. Comrade Ramazan has built a wall made by flesh against this attempt to massacre, invade and raid this land. To the invading state’s dictator Erdogan, who is trying to rob the right of the people of Afrin to decide their own destiny, he became the best answer with his warrior and sacrificial spirit.

From the memories of our martyred comrades whose laughter warmed our hearts and who have drawn upon the courage of the people, inspired by the words of our revolutionary leaders, we are moving forwards with our Political Military War Strategy and we are walking towards victory with confident steps.

Brave children of our people; Workers, labourers, women and students, we are going to make the revolution in Turkey with a peoples war. This war is a war which has been declared against Turkeys working class.This war is for their honor. For the dishonorable ones, we will answer them with our bloody blades.We are calling our people to battlefields, to Parti-Cephe lines, to Afrin, to join the resistance against invasion, to rise up in Turkey against fascism…


Afrin will be fascism’s grave

Agaınst Fascısm, One Fıst, One Barrıcade

Struggle Untıl Lıberatıon


People’s Liberation Party-Front of Turkey – Marxist Leninist Armed Propaganda Union
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